Frequency response, which describes the response of the headphones to audio at different frequencies. The closer the waveform to the original audio, the higher the degree of reduction of the headphones , and to a certain extent it represents the quality of the headphones.

DT770 Pro

It's a very complex process from playing to being heard, for example:

Raw Audio->Mixer->DSP Algorithm->DAC->Preamp According->Headphones->Ears

Each of these stages changes can have a very significant impact on the final sound quality.

So, can we improve the sound quality of our headphones?

In this article we focus on the stage of the mixer, by adjusting the EQ, to make the response of the headphones closer to the original audio.

Set EQ Compensation For Headphones

In Windows system,there are global equalizers such as EqualizerAPO and Peace, there are also many players with equalizers such as Foobar2000, Roon, etc.This article introduces the use of EqualizerAPO.

First of all, we can search online for the test data of the specific model of the headphones, here are two websites already available for search:

Below is the data from the DT770 pro that I am using:

DT770 Pro Data

Open EqualizerAPO and add a Graphic EQ to the configuration, now we can fill in the compensation EQ by comparing the data (the figure below is for demonstration only):

Manual adjustment

Although manual adjustment can achieve the effect, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.Is there a better way?

Best Practices

There is a great open source project AutoEQ :

AutoEQ is a project for equalizing headphone frequency responses automatically and it achieves this by parsing frequency response measurements and producing a equalization settings which correct the headphone to a neutral sound. This project currently has almost 2000 headphones covered in the results folder. 

We found data for DT770 pro,and choose the GraphicEQ:

DT770 pro data

Copy the GraphicEQ data and paste in the EqualizerAPO:

DT770 pro GraphicEQ

Now you can enjoy headphones that improve sound quality for free.

At the end, we should know that the mixer is only a small part of the whole process. To get the best music experience, it also needs the accuracy of the entire process. Everyone ’s hearing will also be different, so you can also try to taste go to adjust the Equalizer.