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Improve Sound Quality By Equalizing Headphone Frequency Responses

Frequency response, which describes the response of the headphones to audio at different frequencies. The closer the waveform to the original audio, the higher the degree of reduction of the headphones , and to a certain extent it represents the quality of the headphones. DT770 Pro It's a very complex process from playing to being heard, for example: Raw Audio-Mixer-DSP Algorithm-DAC-Preamp …

Headphone Audio Equalizer APO

WPF基础Ⅱ: 依赖属性

依赖属性 与.Net属性对比: 更高效 支持附加功能 更改通知 属性值继承 创建依赖属性 /// summary /// 只能为依赖对象添加依赖属性 /// /summary public class DependencyClass : DependencyObject { /// summary /// 定义依赖属性 /// 约定俗成命名规则:属性名+Property /// /summary public static readonly DependencyProperty NumberProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(//注册依赖属性 Number, //属性名 typeof(int), //属性类型 …

.Net WPF


基础 XAML单位 一个设备无关单位被定义为1/96英寸 标准Windows dpi为96 dpi 设备无关单位 * 系统dpi = 实际像素数 (eg: 1/96英寸 * 96dpi =1像素) XAML命名空间 使用特殊特性 xmlns 声明命名空间 命名空间可使用XML名称空间或者**.Net名称空间** # XML名称空间 使用URI xmlns=http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation xmlns:x=http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml # .Net名称空间 使用类的完整名称 xmlns:Prefix=clr-namespace:Namespace;assembly=AssemblyName XAML属性 简单属性 可直接设置属性值 Grid …

.Net WPF


随着家里需要用网络的设备日益增多,硬路由的性能瓶颈逐渐浮现.加上外部网络环境的糟糕(DNS胁持,HTTP胁持),每个设备单独配置网络环境又很麻烦. 于是乎在基友的安利下决定选择软路由来作为解决方案. Hardware Configuration Router - 机箱:BRZHiFi CUBE-6 - 主板:ASRock A320M-ITX - CPU:AMD 2200G - 内存:G.SKill Trident Z 16G DDR4 - 电源:SeaSonic SFX 450W - 网卡:Intel I350-T4v2 - 硬盘:LiteON T9 256G+HGST 1T 选择CUBE-6而不是一般的A4机箱的原因是想同时作为NAS设备使用,需要安装3.5寸硬盘的空间.单纯软路由的话还是选择小巧的A4机箱就好. 而网卡的选择上可根据个人需要进行选择(比如廉价的OCP万兆网卡方案),我这 …

Network Router

Delete Enterprise Applications In Azure Active Directory

Problem When we want to delete an Azure AD,one of the steps is to delete all enterprise applications in that directory. AAD Remove Check But some applicatons like Azure DevOps can not delete directly (Option not available). DevOps Delete Options Solution With PowerShell Create a new user in Azure AD with a role of Global administrator. Create new user Start PowerShell and install Azure AD module. …

Azure AzureAD

Generate a True Metafile in .NET

A few days ago when I was building the MS-OLEDS file for AutoCAD, I needed to create a Metafile as part of it. However, I encountered some small problems when using the built-in API. The Problem with Built-in API In System.Drawing.Imaging has a Metafile Class that allows us do a sequence of graphics operations on it.Here is my code and the test file in the HEX editor. public static void …

.Net Metafile

Generate Transient Element In Revit

今天瞎折腾的时候,突然在Revit Document里看到一组相当有趣并有着详细注释的API: Document..::..MakeTransientElements The method establishes a context within which transient elements will be created and then invokes the given maker object to create the elements. For more information refer to the IsTransient method. Element..::..IsTransient Transient elements are usually created for short term use. This type of element can be …

Revit Dynamo

.Net MD5算法与系统FIPS兼容性

使用dotNet框架自带的Md5加密MD5CryptoServiceProvider时,在部分电脑上会出现InvalidOperationException. System.InvalidOperationException: 此实现不是 Windows 平台 FIPS 验证的加密算法的一部分。 在 System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider..ctor() 出现的原因是系统启用了FIPS兼容算法,而FIPS标准并不支持MD5,所以当框架中的MD5算法调用系统的加密模块时就会爆异常. FIPS 140-2 defines security standards that the United States and Canadian governments use to validate security levels …

.Net MD5

Convert Between IFC ID and Revit ID

The IFC specification was devised a methodology to compress the standard GUIDs to conserve space, you can find detailed instructions at buildingSMART IFC GUID.But there is no direct way to get the standard GUID or IFC-GUID in Revit. Sample ID GUID (Length:36) :c71cffa8-2bb5-4842-bd34-f25c022e8f00 Revit UniqueID (Length:45) : c71cffa8-2bb5-4842-bd34-f25c022997b1-000718b1 Revit ElementID (Length: …

IFC Revit

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