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Get information of the installed MSI products

MSI files are Windows Installer data packages that actually contain application files stored in a COM structure and a database containing applications information for installing, updating, uninstalling. Windows provides a set of APIs for manipulating msi programs, contained in msi.dll, three of which are listed below. [DllImport(msi.dll, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)] private static extern uint …

Revit MSI Navisworks GUID SQUID

Revit Stable Reference

Reference Reference in revit is the geometric reference object of the model element ,it is often used when inserting a new face-base instance of a family , or when creating the demensions. The following is an introduction to some of the methods used to obtain the reference. Reference Type <table class="table"> <thead> <tr> <th>Enum</th> <th>Representation</th> <th>StableRepresentation Comment</th> …

Revit Reference

Reading Revit File Without Revit

Starting the main Revit program needs to be accompanied by loading multiple components, which usually takes a long time. This is especially annoying after the file automatically calls the wrong version of Revit! So is there any way to read the Revit program without opening Revit? It should be clear that it will be very difficult not to read or modify member information in Revit (there may be …

Revit Ole Storage COM Structured Storage

Generate Transient Element In Revit

今天瞎折腾的时候,突然在Revit Document里看到一组相当有趣并有着详细注释的API: Document..::..MakeTransientElements The method establishes a context within which transient elements will be created and then invokes the given maker object to create the elements. For more information refer to the IsTransient method. Element..::..IsTransient Transient elements are usually created for short term use. This type of element can be …

Revit Dynamo

Convert Between IFC ID and Revit ID

The IFC specification was devised a methodology to compress the standard GUIDs to conserve space, you can find detailed instructions at buildingSMART IFC GUID.But there is no direct way to get the standard GUID or IFC-GUID in Revit. Sample ID GUID (Length:36) :c71cffa8-2bb5-4842-bd34-f25c022e8f00 Revit UniqueID (Length:45) : c71cffa8-2bb5-4842-bd34-f25c022997b1-000718b1 Revit ElementID (Length: …

IFC Revit

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