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Get information of the installed MSI products

MSI files are Windows Installer data packages that actually contain application files stored in a COM structure and a database containing applications information for installing, updating, uninstalling. Windows provides a set of APIs for manipulating msi programs, contained in msi.dll, three of which are listed below. [DllImport(msi.dll, CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)] private static extern uint …

Revit MSI Navisworks GUID SQUID


Proxmox安装 去除订阅弹窗 免费版本的PVE会在登陆WEB管理页面时提示 没有有效的订阅。 You do not have a valid subscription for this server. Please visit www.proxmox.com to get a list of available options. 我们可以通过修改源码来去除这个提示,打开文件 /usr/share/javascript/proxmox-widget-toolkit/proxmoxlib.js ,找到第381行。 if (data.status !== = 'Active') { Ext.Msg.show({ title: gettext('No valid subscription'), icon: Ext.Msg.WARNING, …

Network Router


ConfigureAwait的使用 Task.ConfigureAwait(bool)指示了Awaiter完成任务时是否尝试将结果返回原上下文中继续执行,Ture为尝试返回,False则相反。 在讨论ConfigureAwait的正确使用场景之前,则应该先了解SynchronizationContext类型。 SynchronizationContext SynchronizationContext提供了在同步模型中传播上下文的基本功能,其中Send()方法将一个同步消息调度到一个上下文中,Post()方法将一个异步委托调度到一个上下文中。 例如,WinForms具有一个SynchronizationContext的派生类型,它重写了Post方法,以完成相当于Control.BeginInvoke的功能;这意味着对它的Post方法的任何调用都将导致委托稍后在该Control的UI线程上被调 …

.Net Task SynchronizationContext

Revit Stable Reference

Reference Reference in revit is the geometric reference object of the model element ,it is often used when inserting a new face-base instance of a family , or when creating the demensions. The following is an introduction to some of the methods used to obtain the reference. Reference Type <table class="table"> <thead> <tr> <th>Enum</th> <th>Representation</th> <th>StableRepresentation Comment</th> …

Revit Reference